Rahul’s heart melted when i couldn’t let go of the prank of seeing a snake across the greenish pathway. He tossed the Basket we were meant to use and fetch African mango fruit (Ogbono seed) that Janani (Mother) ask us to pick away as he jumps in seek of a refuge. I smiled with my wide open diastema holding Rajiv my little brother who is scared of the unknown more than Rahul himself. As I couldn’t endure keeping both in suspense anymore I whispered to Rajiv and said it is a Joke. Rahul whose curious nature made a skillful eavesdropper overheard me and shouted Biju! Biju! Picking his basket that was on the floor; Putting up a serious front said to me “I will tell Janani and you will not be my Big Brother again”. Carried away by Rajul’s unapologetic facial expression I replied mujhe kshama karen -I am sorry. He smiled and shouted See snake, see snake. We all Jumped With our open jaws wearing our baskets on our head. Happiness indeed is a gift.

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie is a content writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Be first African Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Abuja, Nigeria which focuses on harnessing the strength and potentials of young minds for the purpose of transforming them to be an agent of positive change and impact. He is a Healthcare service professional, and an Experienced Electrocardiograph Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital, health care industry, and non-profit Organisations. He is Skilled in Personal & identity Branding, Personal Development, Organizational Leadership, Fiction & Creative Writing, and Website Development. Also Focused on Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Physiological Procedures.

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