Ledbury Poetry Festival Poetry Competition for 2021

ledbury poetry festival

Ledbury Poetry Festival 2021 Poetry Competition

ledbury poetry festival

2021 Ledbury Poetry Festival Poetry Competition promises to be very exceptional in this year’s competition as it promises its winners the sum of £1000 first cash prize for this year’s competition. In addition to the £1000 cash prizes, winners of all categories are also invited to read their poems at the internationally renowned Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2022. This year’s competition has three categories for Adults, Young People, and Children.


JUDGE: Anthony Anaxagorou

Closing Date for the competition: 5 pm BST on Thursday 15 July 2021

Competition Entry fees
Adults: £5.75 for the first poem, £3.50 for each additional poem.
Children/Young People: First poem free, £1.75 for each additional poem.

Competition Categories:

For Adult – 18 years or older

First Prize: £1000 cash
Second Prize: £500
Third Prize: £250

For Young Person – 12 to 17 years old

Young People winners receive smaller cash prizes,

For Children – under 12 years old

Child winners receive book tokens.

NOTE: All winners are invited to read at the 2022 Poetry Festival.


NOTE: Use the links below to enter the appropriate category of the competition.




For more information concerning the competition, Click here

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Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

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