There is a taste nothing can quench; A desire nothing can satisfy and the only time you realize it all, is when you have tasted its flaws and yet you feel Empty. Emptiness indeed, is the product of HUNGER and when you can’t get satisfied, just know; it is the beginning of LIFE yet to UNFOLD.
The question is what are you Hungry for??
In your quest to answer; Bear in mind that Deficiency is a sign of a malnourished appetite and never trade it with a morsel of a piece that can only satisfy the Body. The higher your cravings to satisfy the body, the higher your Emptiness.
“Never trade hunger with a morsel from a piece made with bare hands.”
If things and cares of this world become your cravings, it means you will be deficient of it.
But the fact still remains…there is the taste which nothing can quench because the more you have it the more you want it and the more you want it, the more empty you become. Always remember, you are only a slave to your desires.
….No matter what, only Jesus can satisfy our emptiness. Eat a lot of his words and you will be satisfied.
Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie is a content writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Be first African Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Abuja, Nigeria which focuses on harnessing the strength and potentials of young minds for the purpose of transforming them to be an agent of positive change and impact. He is a Healthcare service professional, and an Experienced Electrocardiograph Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital, health care industry, and non-profit Organisations. He is Skilled in Personal & identity Branding, Personal Development, Organizational Leadership, Fiction & Creative Writing, and Website Development. Also Focused on Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Physiological Procedures.

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