Normalize Being Your Future Self

  • Normalize Being Your future self

Normalize Being Your future self

The essence of life falls in between the jostling of Being busy and being productive. Being busy without being productive can be likened to running on a treadmill and running to a destination. The problem is that on the verge of being busy, we lose focus on the most important. Hence, feel disappointed when we realize the mess we have made to detriment of our future. Focusing on what’s on the top list of your mind now is not going to get you there, the truth is that you will be stuck when you pushed yourself so hard on putting all your focus on the present by then, cheating on your future.

If you want to be productive, you need to ask yourself these questions:

Who do I want to be?

Where does my future self want to be?

The truth is that the answers to these questions in some way, depict growth in some direction of your journey. But since you can’t spend all your time pursuing those objectives, you definitely, won’t get to your destination, if you don’t spend any of your premium and quality time pursuing them.

”Whatsoever you want to be, first become the emblem of the future you want to see.”

If you want to be an artist, you have to spend time drawing and painting. If you want to be a writer, spend your time writing. If you want to be a musician, you have to spend time writing songs and getting acquitted with musical instruments. If you want to be a manager or CEO, you have to develop your management and interpersonal skills. If you want to launch a new company or new Product or lead a group, you have to spend time building yourself, your leadership skills, and your experience.


The Key is that you need to spend time on the future even when there are more important things that need your attention presently and even when there is no visible return to your efforts.


Preferably, if you want to be productive, you need to go the extra mile, in spending time doing things that feel ridiculously unproductive.


Just to clarify more, I want to expand my writing skills and abilities, so I decide to be waking up by 4:00 in the morning to write fiction even though it’s difficult and challenging for me as being a terrible fiction writer. Even though it feels painfully unproductive, I had to do it anyway. This is how it feels to do something abstract to your present challenges when you are asked to put away your immediate concerns and focus on a more distant challenge.

Often time, we battle with questions like: What about things that need an immediate execution?

Don’t I need to pay more attention to my project plans, in other to focus more on my future self?

Emphatically, No!

This is the trick our Busy self plays on us to keep us away and out of focus from the challenging stuff that we are not yet complacent with. It’s a trick, don’t fall for it. Sometimes, You need to be hard and irresponsible with your current challenges in other to make productive progress on your Future self.


You need to learn how to let the present stare at you while sitting unattended. The truth is that it’s not running away and will never cease to exist. That’s the way our present has been wired.


The truth is that you may not please everyone or your present but you should let the present be and focus more on making your future self proud by spending time to work on your future.

Therefore, whatsoever it is, FOCUS on the FUTURE.


Author: Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie

Isaacoed Buchi Jamie is a content writer, entrepreneur, and founder of Be first African Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Abuja, Nigeria which focuses on harnessing the strength and potentials of young minds for the purpose of transforming them to be an agent of positive change and impact. He is a Healthcare service professional, and an Experienced Electrocardiograph Technician with a demonstrated history of working in the hospital, health care industry, and non-profit Organisations. He is Skilled in Personal & identity Branding, Personal Development, Organizational Leadership, Fiction & Creative Writing, and Website Development. Also Focused on Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology/Physiological Procedures.

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