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”A rare picture of the richest man in Nigerian” ”Scarcity of a commodity they say is to the advantage of its manufacturers.” But when even the most common become uncommon, it is then to the disbenefit of the people. What a glimpse of pain that has scorched the intricate part of us, Yet they keep throwing the darts of a...

compatriot 0


Arise, O compatriot, Oh, Ye chariots of the great onslaught. Butchered without effort, Arise, O compatriots, Oh, ye nation with a great exploit, ruined by the titled embodied leaders whose service, deems it fit to disobey even to the most common basic amenities without remorse to such discomfort. Arise, O compatriots, Nine sixty jars call obey, to serve our father’s...

mental slavery 0


The mind is a battlefield; it is the center of every (wo)man’s exploits. Freedom and slavery are the product of a Coordinated “State of Mind”, and Nothing destroys a human, Country/nation more than mental slavery; it saps the intricate part of its system, and bring it to a state where its growth is bargained below the value of a miscounted...